Friday, September 26, 2008

Christy's Birthday Wish

Friday 26th September

This post is dedicated to one of my most dedicated, hard working and committed clients..........wait a minute, that can be right, this post is for Christy! Just kidding Christy, you know your an ANIMAL!! 

So today is Christy's Birthday. Happy Birthday CB! Being the giving sort of guy that I am, I felt the need to spoil my Christy on her special day. 

Before I disclose how, I feel I need to fill you in on some background info regarding the relationship Christy and I have. You could say we have a "love-hate" relationship, or as Christy put's it "I Love To Hate You!!" And I'm cool with that because I get to kick her ass three days a week and I take pleasure in doing it! With a smile on my face I might add!! 

Anyway, last year for my birthday Christy got me a present, you might say it was a gift for the both of us. She got me full body armor (used for sparring by kickboxers) which I did want, but it came at a price. The deal was I had to wear it that day so Christy could beat the crap out of me and beat me she did, grinning from ear to ear! I mean she really had a good time. 

Christy: "take that you little turd!"-BANG!!

That said, as I pondered on what to do for my dear sweet CB on her birthday, I thought what does Christy love to do above all else and the answer was clear-she loves to inflict physical pain on me! So I strapped on my armor once again and told her she could smash me between every set of her workout! It's a scary thought, but I don't think i've ever seen her so happy. The session consisted of intervals of cardio and resistance training accompanied with bouts of Christy unleashing the fury on me, she jabbed, crossed, hooked, gut punched, knee'd and even kicked me every chance she got. I think she was happy. I even gave her a 60 second free for all to finish the workout off. I tried to post the video below, but was unsuccessful. Posted another pic for now, but I shall keep trying. 

Christy: "eat that!!"- SMASH!!
Ross: "OOOUUUCCHH!! "Watch the family jewels!"

Christy, I know your thinking that I'm making you out to look like a meany, but I'm not. For those of you who don't know CB, she's a wonderfully kind and caring person and she gives me beating's out of love, I know this even though she would never admit it. 

Love you lots Christy, have a wonderful birthday!  

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