Thursday, September 25, 2008

Even Better Than The 1st!

Thursday 25th September

So today The Edge saw the second kettlebell group workout and it was even better than the 1st! Each of our kettlebell workshop graduates turned out once again, even after the tough introduction to timed sets experienced 2 days earlier. 

Our little group (pictured above), from left to right: Janice, Anne, Me, Sarah, Brian, Lyn and Dianna. 

The mood was relaxed and light as we began the warm-up, even more so following Brian's patented new warm up drill known simply as "Jazz Finger's." A brief explanation is needed here I feel. 

Our clientele here at The Edge think Brian and I are pretty crazy due to our constant antics and they often joke that they think we sometimes make things up as we go. So, a couple of weeks ago Brian decided to put this to the test. During a small workshop he had the clients make fists with their hands and hold them in front of there faces with their eyes closed. Then remaining in this position he instructed them to begin swaying their hips side to side, eyes still closed. This went on for about 30 seconds. From this tucked position next came the completion of the full movement, a sudden explosion of the arms and hands overhead unleashing the JAZZ FINGERS, accompanied by a more vigorous hip side to side motion. Then it was back to the fist tuck and eyes closed. I watched in amazement (and stitches!) as the clients followed along  for several minutes before performing my duty as a good wing man and bursting onto the gym floor and snapping the all important evidence shot (see below). I shall spare the names of the individuals involved, but you know who you are! Don't be embarrassed, we love you for it! 

Work Those Jazz Finger's and Hips People!!

Anyway, severely sidetracked there! Back to the workout. We performed a warm-up with 20x 2 arm swings coupled with 20x air squats for 3 rounds, a quad burner by the way! 

We followed with a timed 20 minute triplet set which consisted of 4 snatches, 4 cleans & 4 jerks per minutes, switching hands every minute (we ended the last 2 minutes with sets of 5 to up the tempo). The KB was set down upon completion of the allocated reps and we rested until the turn of the next minute. Rest varied, some stood quietly, some re-chalked, some chatted a few words, Brian and I chose to work in some poppin 'n' lockin synchronized dance moves (but that's just us), in one of which I almost took Brian's eye out, but it was a new first time in front of a crowd and....well I just got a little excited! Back to the workout, the set called for a pretty decent work rate and clean technique, everyone coped well and we shall definitely hit 15 reps per minute next time out to up the anti. 

We finished things of with 3 timed sets of goblet squats for 1, 2 & 4 minutes with a 1 minute recovery between each. This was work for everyone as we introduced all to squatting all the way down. Set #1 was a breeze, Set #2 should have been until Brian & I decided to start punching out quick squats in bundles of 20. This made for a rather interesting last set. Half way into the 4 minutes my #16kg bell was weighing heavy, but I was confident and steadily clicking off reps as were most of the clientele, Brian however, wasn't doing so well. He was getting some serious arm fatigue and holding the KB looked painful. Suddenly he began to blurt out random things, I think to take his mind off the pain more than anything. So he say's almost resting the KB on his stomach "this must be what it feel's like to be pregnant!" To which Janice replies "I can help you through the birth, let's practice our breathing." Brian's proceeds to take large inhaled and exhaled breaths sweating profusely, man if I didn't no better I would have sworn he was about to give birth to a 70# KB!! As the seconds clicked away everyone struggling now not only to hold their bells, but trying to do so laughing uncontrollably! The final minute drew to a close to sounds of Brian's yelps accompanied by each of us chirping in with comments like "don't push Brian!", "push.....push!", and "You did this to me....I hate you!" It was hilarious, you gotta love the banter!!  

Thanks to everyone who attended and worked their butts off and help make it such an enjoyable session, you guy's rock!

Special shout out to Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn, thank you for your inspiration and for guiding us in our journey to advance our business and broaden our horizons.  

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Howie Brewer said...

Awesome Dudes!!!

Next time you MUST video JAZZY FINGERS!!