Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Edge Fitness Center's 1st Ever Kettlebell Group Workout!

Tuesday 23rd September

At 10am this morning I am proud to say that we at The Edge Fitness Center held our first ever group kettlebell workout! It consisted of myself and Brian instructing, but also working the timed sets with the clients, my wife Sarah, Dianna, Lyn, Janice, and Anne. All of whom have completed our kettlebell workshops and are now very proficient kettlebell lifters in their own right. 

The workout went smoothly, we began with a light warm-up followed by a small superset of swings and jumping jacks (we like to call them "The JJ's"), 3 rounds. Next we hit a little mix up of movements (cleans, jerks, swings) for a pretty hefty 17 minute set working for 2mins, "resting" for 1 min (in the rack). Then we rolled straight into a 10 minute set of the snatch, which I'm proud to say each participant completed, a great achievement considering for most this was their taste of a set over 4 or 5 minutes ever! The atmosphere was light, but focused. We had many laughs but when it was time to work everyone was all business, it was awesome. We rapped things up with some TGU's and everyone left feeling worked but energized including myself. 

I would just like to let all who attended (and all our other kettlebell lifting clientele) know how proud I am of you, you've all come a long way in a short time. Thank you for your commitment to The Edge and for your openness to new things. 

Our next KB group workout is this coming Thursday and shall continue Tuesday's and Thursday's at 11am from here on out. Let us know if you wish to enroll in workshops and get involved, all are welcome.

I look forward to watching our clientele grow and evolve, it's exciting, man I live for this sh**! Pardon my french.... 


Howie Brewer said...

Congratulations Dudes!!

So glad to hear things are going well for you. Keep it up!

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