Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Road to Atlanta (Day 2)

Tuesday 25th November

Training Log [day 2]

I was feeling a quite a lot of soreness today following yesterday's re-introduction to the 24's so I decided not to work K-bell Sport lifts today. I have limited time until Atlanta I know, but I don't want to make the same mistakes I made prior to the Michigan competition again. Let me elaborate, Michigan was my first competition so the training structure I used leading up to it proved to be a massive learning experience for me. I trained basically nothing but k-bells day in-day out for 8 weeks prior to the meet which worked well for me in some respects as I won the long cycle and placed second in the traditional (jerk/snatch) in my weight class. However, I remember being pretty beat up going into the event. My shoulders were sore constantly the last 3 weeks of training and I remember having to ice them the night before the event. Plus I wasn't to happy with my performance in my opening lift, the jerk. Nerves played a part I'm sure, but my shoulders were fatigued and I had posted bigger numbers than I hit comfortably in training 2 or 3 weeks prior to the comp. 

I'm rambling, but the point I'm trying to make is that I feel my biggest weakness is the fact that I'm highly motivated and I love to train! Strange for that to be a weakness I know, but for me the hardest thing is to lay off and let my body rest, I would train 7 days a week if I could, I'm mad for it! But rest is a important as the hours of training and I'm trying to take a different approach this time around. 

So as I mentioned in a previous post, i've been hitting a lot of CrossFit type workouts and began developing some of my own which have produced some excellent results with regard to my overall work capacity, strength, and power endurance, plus i'm lighter than i've ever been which all transfer well to k-bell lifting. 

Anyway, today I hit a conditioning workout, no kettlebell sport lifts, i'll save those for tomorrow.

The Workout

21x knees to elbows
21x k-bell OH swing @ 53#
21x push-ups
45x towell pull-ups (shifting hands hi-low)
21x box jumps (24" box)
21x back extensions
42x walking lunges

*3 rounds for time.

**My time was 23:45. Felt pretty good, it was work, but I wasn't too wasted afterwards. Ready to hit some long cycle tomorrow now!

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