Monday, November 24, 2008

Road to Atlanta (Training Log, Day 1)

Monday 24th November

Training Log [Day 1]

Initial Goals for Atlanta: 
-To achieve VII Rank in the 75kg weight class [150 reps for jerk/snatch and 35 reps for long cycle]
-Jerk [2x 24kg, 5 rpm (50) for 10mins]
-Snatch [1x 24kg, 12rpm (120) for 10 mins]
-Long Cycle [2x 24kg, 4 rpm (40) for 10 mins]

2 Arm Swings:
-20x OH Swing @ 16kg
-20x Swing @ 24kg
-20x Swing @ 32kg (first time using my 32kg bell)

-2x 24kg, 5 mins @ 5rpm (25)
-2x 24kg, 3 mins @ 5rpm (15)
-2x 24kg, 2 mins @ 5rpm (10)

*Just wanted to ease back into this one today and figured 10 minutes under the bells wouldn't be a bad place to start. I rested about 3 minutes between sets. 

**My rack position was immediately different from when I competed in Michigan. I was able to find a comfortable position with the bells overlapping as usual, but today I was able to keep the bells closer than previously and was able to overlap one hand over the other which made the rack feel a lot tighter and more secure. I had attempted this before with little joy. However, since I last competed I have dropped a few pounds, I'm down from 183# to about 168#, so I think this may be a contributing factor with regard to my rack.

1x 24kg, 4 mins @ 12rpm (24/24, with 1 hand switch)
1x 24kg, 3 mins @ 12rpm (18/18, with 1 hand switch)
1x 24kg, 3 mins @ 12rpm (18/18, with 1 hand switch)

*I rested about 3 mins between sets.

**First set felt the best, second wasn't good technique felt sloppy, third set was a little better. I need to put in some quality time on this one. Definitely the toughest lift for me.

Jump Squats
-2x 24kg, 3 sets of 50reps

1 Arm Swings
-1x 32kg, 20/20reps

I'm fairly happy with today's workout, if nothing else it's a starting point to work from.

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