Saturday, November 29, 2008

Road to Atlanta (Day 6)

Saturday 29th November

Training Log [day 6]

-5 mins of joint mobility
-3 mins on the summit trainer
-1 arm swings @ 16kg (20/20)
-1 arm swings @ 24kg (20/20)
-1 arm swings @ 32kg (10/10)

The Workout: Snatch @ 24kg's
-5 mins @ 10rpm (25/25 with 1 hand switch)
-3 mins @ 10rpm (15/15 with 1 hand switch)
-3 mins @ 10rpm (15/15 with 1 hand switch)

*The right arm feels really smooth almost effortless at the moment which is encouraging. However, haven't locked in the technique on the left arm yet. I feel like I'm not creating the momentum with the left swing as with the right. I'm definitely slower driving the had through the bell handle at the top, which is resulting in less than perfect hand position and a weak lock out at the top. Such seemingly minor imperfections, but accumulated together they lead to serious muscle fatigue and ultimately the termination of the set.

The snatch above all is the most challenging and humbling of lifts. I mean here I am feeling like I could probably hit my goal of 50-60 reps on my right arm with little problem and flawless technique, while my left feels as though i've only just begun snatching the past few days! On the bright side, maybe I'll just push for the full 10 minutes on my right eh!! Just kidding, the left will come good. If this sport was easy everyone would do it! I've just got to spend the time getting my left arm as fluid and smooth as my right. 

After all.... "that's the name of the game, every rep the same!" Hey that rhymes! I may have to trade mark it!

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