Monday, December 1, 2008

Road to Atlanta (Day 7)

Sunday 30th November

Today became an unintended rest day. My intension was to hit some type of conditioning workout today, but my body felt tired and my shoulders were a little tender so I decided to allow my body some down time.

Training Log [day 7] 

Week #1 [summary]

Jerk @ 2x 24kg's
-6 minutes @ 5 rpm (30)
*reps needed for VII Rank - approximately 50 (combined with snatch) so I'm 20 away.

Snatch @ 24kg's
-5 minutes @ 10rpm (30/30)
*reps needed for VII Rank - approximately 100 (combined with jerk), 40 to go.

Long Cycle @ 2x 24kg's
-5 minutes @ 4rpm (20)
*reps needed for VII Rank - 35, so 15 more to add. 

**Week 1 in the back, still much work to be done, but I'm fairly pleased with how thing's are shaping up thus far.

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