Friday, December 5, 2008

Road to Atlanta (Day 10 & 11)

Thursday 4th December

Training Log [day 10]

No k-bells today, decided to just hit some conditioning. Wanted to avoid any pressing movements to rest my shoulders, so I just performed two short workouts.

Workout #1
5 rounds of:
-10x alternating lunges with 1 50# dumbbell
-15x overhead dumbbell swings @ 50#

*My time was 3:35

Workout #2
5 rounds of:
-10x med-ball power cleans @ 20#
-25x jump rope double unders

*My time was 7:41

Friday 5th December

I was joined for my workout today by one of my clients/students Dianna, who I feel deserves a mention for all the hard work she has done in preparation for her first k-bell meet. Dianna has only been using the international size (12kg) k-bell for a couple of weeks and has already hit a couple of 10 minute sets, including today where she got another PR in the jerk going 10 minutes @ 6 rpm's (60 reps)! Congrats Dianna, you're going to do great things in Atlanta! I'm proud of you!

While I on the subject of congratulating people I would also like to mention my mention my beautiful wife Sarah who will also be competing for the first time in Atlanta. Sarah has also just begun lifting with the 12kg and this week hit here first 10 minute set in the jerk @ 5 rpm's (50 reps). Congratulations sweetheart, you never fail to amaze me! It's so awesome being able to share this with you, I love you.  

Training Log [day 11]

Huge Breakthrough Today!! I completed my first ever 10 minute set with the 24's today, and even more satisfying than that, it was Long Cycle! 

The Workout: Long Cycle @ 2x 24kg's
- 10 mins @ 4 rpm (40 reps!)

*Note my previous best long cycle was 6:17 and 28 reps back in Michigan in August. I am a pretty happy camper right now! Along with my joy however comes the conundrum. Should I now focus on the LC in Atlanta and perhaps go for a VI (45) or V (51) Rank? Or do I still compete in the jerk/snatch traditional event prior to the LC and go for my VII Rank in both in light of my less than impressive recent snatch lifts? With which comes the risk of hand tears before I get to my strongest lift, the LC. What to do.....

Snatch @ 24kg's
-5:30 mins @ approximately 12rpm (35/28)

*Felt a little better today, which was surprising following a LC set. I just wanted to see what I could get in terms of reps. The right hand was comfortable and I could have gotten at least 40, but I was aiming for 35 per arm so I switched there. The left felt a lot better than it has, but I still had to set it at 28 because I could feel myself gripping the bell too much and didn't want to tear my hand. So the verdict on this one is better, but not great. 

I think I shall hit a couple more snatch sets in the next 4 or 5 days and base my final decision on competing in the traditional lifts on how those sets go.

Jump Squats @ 2x 24kg's
-3x 60 reps

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