Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Road to Atlanta (Day 12, 13 & 14)

Sunday 7th December

Training Log [day 12]

Took a rest day today, my Mum flew in from Wales to visit us this week and this was her last day so we skipped the workout and spent some quality family time instead. 

Monday 8th December

Training Log [day 13]

Decided to make this my last day hitting timed sets so that I can hopefully come in fresh and ready to smash it in Atlanta on Saturday!

The Workout: Jerk @ 2x 24kg's
-8 mins @ 6 rpm (48) 

*This is a PR for me with regard to both time and reps. I've gone 8 minutes before but @ 5 rpm's (40 reps) and my previous best rep count was 44. I felt strong and could have gone the full 10 minutes, but thought I'd be better served saving it for Saturday. After all it's irrelevant if I hit my mark here and then fail to do so in Atlanta. 

Snatch @ 24kg's
-5 mins @ approx. 14 rpm (40/30)

*This was the best I have felt snatching so far, which leaves me a little happier going in to Saturday. I could have gone 50 on the right and possibly 40 on the left, but was cautious because a hand tear would be devastating right now. 

Jump Squats @ 2x 24kg's
-3x 70 reps

I'm fairly confident about all my lifts right now. If I hit my mark and get 60 Jerks on Saturday that will leave me with 90 snatches to get my VII Rank, which I think I can get. Hitting that number without tearing my hands is the key though as a hand tear will severely impeded my hopes of a ranking in my strongest event the long cycle. 

So that's it, the hard work is done. It will all come down to what happens on Saturday now. How well I perform will depend on how good I feel, how I deal with the nerves and how well I can execute. 

I'm ready. 

Tuesday 9th December

Training Log [day 14]

The Workout: Light Cardio

Just some cardio today. The final challenge of my training is going to be making weight (165#/75kg's). I've been walking around at between 168-170# so I'm just trying to trim down a little to lessen the worry on the day. 

-10 minutes Elliptical
-10 minutes Stationary Bike
-10 minutes Summit Trainer
-10 minutes Running on Treadmill
-500x Jump Rope (single unders)

*Weight following the workout was 164# so that's good, at least I know if I weigh a little heavy  on the day I should be able to shed a few quick pounds if need be.

1 comment:

Howie Brewer said...

Nice going man. With 8 minutes in training, focus on your breathing and let the adrenaline help you through. You are going to SMASH it!!

Looking forward to hearing the outcome!!