Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Road to Atlanta (Day 8 & 9)

Tuesday 2nd December

Training Log [day 8]

Had an unscheduled rest day today. I was a little pissed that I missed my workout, but my training time was eaten up by people signing up at my gym for memberships and personal training, so I can't complain too much. Plus rest is important and I've been feeling a little tired this week so I just accepted it and moved on. 

Wednesday 3rd December

Training Log [day 9]

I was surprised today after taking yesterday off that I have some soreness in my shoulders, fairly acute and pretty much identical to what I was feeling prior to Michigan so I need to be careful. The strange thing is I don't feel it at all when I lift which may be a good or bad thing I guess, but I'll take it. If I can get through December 13th without feeling it i'll happily deal with the pain afterwards. 

-Hit my usual warm-up (see previous logs) plus some light jerks with the 16's.

The Workout: Jerk @ 2x 24kg's
-8 mins @ 5 rpm (40)
-2 mins @ 6 rpm (12)

*First set felt really good and is a PR for me with regard to time (previous best was 6:17). I was really happy, the rack felt solid, jerks were smooth and I could have definitely gone another 2 minutes but I thought I'd call it there due to my shoulder soreness. Plus I wanted to try a set at a slightly higher rpm so I set them at 8. 

**The 2 minute set at 6rpm's felt good too, it was a short set but it's making me wonder if I could go the full 10 at that rate. I may play around with it a little more, but part of me also just wants to do a 10 minute set @ 5 rpm's first. Just so that it's in the bank and to know come December 13th I can go the distance because i've done it before. Times running out for that though, I figure if I plan on going 10 it needs to be this week Saturday at the latest. 

Snatch @ 24kg's 
-6 mins @ 10 rpm (30/25 with 1 hand switch)
-4 mins @ 12 rpm (24/24 with 4 hand switches)

*Snatch is a totally different story than the jerk. My first set today was the first time i've failed to meet my training goal! The right Hand feels ok, the left still just won't click for me. I was a little worried about tearing my hand which resulted in missing my rep goal. At this point a hand tear could be fatal for my ranking chances. I decided to hit a 4 minute set switching every minute just for conditioning purposes and because I figure its a way to do the reps without risking my hands. At this point I figure this may be the way to go with the snatch. Build my time with hand switches every minute until I get 10 and then decrease the hand switches. I'm also wondering if I should sacrifice my 10 minutes on this lift and just attempt to bust out the reps I need for rank following the jerk. This isn't ideal I know, but I just cant see myself hitting 10 minutes on this lift by next week. Well I guess only time will tell.

Jump Squats @ 2x 24kg's
-3x 60 reps

*Another day in the bag, another day closer. It had it's good and bad points, but I'm content with were I'm at right now. There's still time and much work to be done!


Howie Brewer said...

Hey Man, what order do you perform in comp? Jerks first?

Be careful of that shoulder. If it feels ok during training, it might be a tendon strain. They usually feel ok once you're warm, but start to throb as you cooldown. I know, I've been there. Make sure you ice the thing!

The Edge said...


In answer to your question. At this event it's Jerk's first, snatch, long cycle which is pretty standard and then there's usually a chair press and some other fun lifts to finish such as 20 minutes long cycle with unlimited hand switch.

Thanks for the shoulder advice. It feels pretty good, I'm resting it on my K-bell off days and icing it at night, I'll be good to go for a week Saturday!